Jay Castro

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Jay Castro

UX Content Strategist at DoorDash

San Francisco, California, United States

Jay Byrd is an island boy from the Alameda island in the San Francisco Bay, raised by a loud and beautiful family who migrated from the Mariana islands in the 1950’s. Once upon a time, he was an entrepreneur who helped build a clothing brand called Undrcrwn from boxes in my living room to a globally recognized basketball brand. After that, he spent the next decade in UX at Google and also at Airbnb. Jay is now currently at Doordash helping to empower local communities.  He also works with the Guampedia community project and do my best to represent the vibrant and unique heritage of the Mariana Islands. 

Presentation Topic:

Friday, June 18 • 12:10 pm – 12:50 pm (ChST)

How traditional values can help pave an untraditional career path

By living Chamoru values like chenchule’ and Inafa’maolek (and many others) you can find your place in the tech industry— even when the odds feel like they’re stacked against you.

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