Tavion Duenas

Tavion Duenas

High School Student at Guam High School

Tavion Duenas comes from a family member of 6 and is a freshman at Guam high school. He aspires to join the Air Force Academy and get a degree in aeronautical engineering to become a pilot in the future. Some things he likes to do are Jiu Jitsu, soccer, basketball, and drawing new ideas. 

Presentation Topic:

Wednesday, June 17 • 02:45 pm – 03:15 pm (ChST)

Transitioning into the Online Classroom 

In the last moments of Tavion’s middle school year, the pandemic arose in Guam and students had to switch gears from face-to-face learning to an online platform. He shares his challenges and journey of how it was like for students like him to transition into the online classroom and complete a school year at a new school as a high school student.  

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